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The Choice Of Small Elevators For Homes Installation Location

October 26, 2019 by otsealex  

Otse small elevators can be installed on the wall or floor opening position of any one of the indoor and outdoor areas in the home. The wall can be painted with custom steel plates. Other surfaces can be matched with transparent glass or steel plate according to the decoration style. Because there is no need for the bottom pit design without the top height requirement, it is also applicable in the duplex building of the high-rise building. For the building space with insufficient top floor height, the half-height door design can also be customized.

First, if the stairs at home are surrounded by three-sided staircases and the position of the stairs is ≥1000*1000, then it is best to use this position to install the elevator, that is, it does not occupy the size of the home, and will not damage the layout. The elevator shaft seals the vacant position in the middle of the stairs and also plays a role in safety protection.

Second, there are also many villa-type stairs for the stairs on both sides, so that only choose other solutions to install elevators. If there is no suitable location in the house, you can negotiate with the property, choose the external home improvement elevator, choose the appropriate location size in your own garden, the well is close to the wall of the house, and stand up straight. This well can be used to do the civil construction well (the civil engineering requirements, the walls need to be guaranteed It can reach a total thickness of 20, and requires concrete grouting columns and ring beams. It can also be used as a sightseeing shaft (200mm*200mm steel pipe is recommended for external sightseeing shafts).

Thirdly, if the location of the elevators in the home is not up to the above two suggestions, then you can contact the relevant elevator professionals for on-site survey and design, or communicate with the home improvement designer, change the decoration plan appropriately, and leave it larger than if you do not interfere with the home situation. It can be installed in a position of 1000 cubic meters.


Where is the Small Elevators For Homes installed? The above is the Otse home small elevator manufacturers and everyone's analysis about the choice of small elevators for home. You can first look at what type of elevators and then choose the right small elevators for your home. You need to consider lighting, wellhead location, and convenient travel.