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Produces Only The Highest Quality Visi Coolers

October 28, 2019 by CHENJIA alex  

Need a quality Visi cooler? Want to buy a high quality Visi Cooler? Then come to Ningbo Chenjia Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. We produce the highest quality Visi coolers, guaranteeing high quality while reducing prices and bringing the most desirable Visi coolers to our customers.

This is the glass door vertical machine. Reflective glass is used which gives clear product visibility. Self- closing doors with locking facility is available.Visi Coolers are suitable to store Packed Milk and Milk based products like Cheese, Paneer, Butter, Lassi as well as Soft drinks, Cakes and Pastries, packed vegetables, packaged drinking water, Beers, Juices. Hotels also use visi coolers not only for display purpose but to store the prepared food.The compressor is also quite powerful that helps to pull down the temperature faster.


If you are interested in our Visi cooler or have questions, please contact Chenjia Electric Co., Ltd.