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10 Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling in Manhattan

October 28, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Is your home in need of bathroom remodeling in Manhattan? It’s time to give your bathroom a great boost with a little planning and inspirational bathroom renovation ideas. Whether you’re in search of bathroom remodeling ideas or images to upgrade your existing one, you should start with the below discussed ideas for small bathroom remodeling project:

Bathroom Remodeling

1. Use bold accessories.

If you want a clean design for your small bathroom, try to use minimal bathroom fixtures and finishes. Your bathroom should be filled with personality or ornamentation. Use a pendant light fixture above a unique shape tub for a look that wows you every aspect.

2. Include vertical preference.

If you want to make the most out of small bath space, then you have to focus on vertical space. Consider a mini mosaic tile wall that appeals eyes upward and brings in color and style to small modern bath space. You can add a light fixture to highlight the height of the contemporary space.

3. Create bath space with purpose.

Are you unsure about the unused space in your small bathroom? Go with a custom solution like storage and display wall that features open shelves. However, a built-in bench offers a useful space to dry off and get prepared for the day.

4. Focus on the scale.

Try to find innovative solutions for compact areas in small bathroom designs. If you own a narrow bath space, choose modern counter of 15 inches that take up less space while maintaining its functionality.

5. Choose your palette.

Want to bring in harmony to your small yet modern bathroom space? If yes, then you can choose materials and finishes that perfectly complement each other. No matter what, you will get a seamless look of a larger bath space. In fact, go for wooden tones and warm, neutral tiles to create cohesive for nature inspired bathroom design.

6. Opt for dedicated design.

If you have a narrow galley bathroom, you can use the space on a single wall. This goes well with traditional tub, combining a walk-in shower and a pair of floating vanities. Consider adding bathroom cabinets with opaque doors that will help you get rid of visual clutter while illuminating the look of dark wood.

7. Make the use of every inch inside.

Generally, smaller bathrooms are ideal for modern design. It’s because of the fact that their shortage of space gets benefited from clean lines and minimal treatments. The shelves can be set into the wall which will avoid the requirement of hefty mounted cabinets of freestanding furniture. However, a wire container underneath a floating vanity ensures additional storage.

8. Make minimal changes.

If you want to make the modern bath space look bigger, you have to choose what to play up. The table style vanities are stocked with funky wooden stools and cool metal baskets. In fact, an understated bathroom cabinetry can hide the clutter in the countertop easily. Use rugs and window treatments bet suiting the remaining part of home.

9. Consider storage.

Clutter makes a small bath shrink faster; which enables you to consider storage. You can choose built-in baskets, cabinets and canisters to clean up. Try to match them to your bath color scheme for a seamless combination.

10. Pick clean lines.

Mount cabinetry in your bathroom which will free up significant flooring space while ensuring visual relief in your small bath space. Choose clean lines of a floating vanity along with simple linear backsplash and minimal fixture like sleek square vessel sink.

Bottom Line –

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