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Comparison Between Rubber Buffer Stopper And Metal Buffer Stopper

October 29, 2019 by Amy  




As a protective device on the parking space, the buffer stopper is essential, although its role is to prevent the wheel offside, but also combined with the installation area. It is necessary to consider whether the parking lot is open or underground, and whether the parking space is public or personal.


Taking plastic buffer stopper and aluminum alloy buffer stopper as an example, we must first understand the specifications and materials of the next two car stops.


The rubber used in the rubber buffer stopper is molded by high polymerization and the inside is triangular lacing. According to the physical principle, the internal structure is designed to be triangular and more stable and stable. Two sets are installed, and the three fixed points are triangular. Here, considering the fixed performance, two reflective films are attached on the front sides, and other safety protections are provided. The facilities play a warning role. The price of the rubber buffer stopper is relatively economical. The average price ranges from 15 to 30 yuan, which is also the most common style.


The metal buffer stopper is traditionally available in the metal buffer stopper with both triangular and round tube specifications, which are post-weld and painted. Here I mainly talk about the aluminum alloy buffer stopper, her whole structure is cast in one time, so there will be no solder joint breakage, plus the raw material is aluminum alloy, with anti-corrosion BUG. The surface paint is the same as the paint used in automotive paints, in order to maximize the surface gloss. Another thing worth mentioning is that his appearance is completely different from the existing buffer stopper, and it is soluble in the aesthetic design under the premise of safety and sturdiness. Make it even more atmospheric. Because of this, its scope of use is also clear. Some shopping spaces in the mall, private parking spaces in the community, and large villas within the group.


There are many differences between the two. Here we will analyze the points in combination with the actual points.


Different prices: different positioning, different materials, it also clarifies the price level, rubber buffer stopper as a pro-people, his production materials and processing technology is relatively simple, so the price is low. The raw material and processing technology of the aluminum alloy buffer stopper are strict, and the processing process is cumbersome, and the price will be slightly more expensive.

Different lifespan: The rubber type buffer stopper has a certain elasticity and the hardness is not high. If it is installed outdoors, it will be corroded by external factors such as sunlight, rain and air. The life expectancy will be shorter.

The effect is different: the design of the aluminum alloy buffer stopper is one of its highlights, but also a big buy. The parking lot is matched with it, and the overall style of the parking lot will be different.