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Test Object Of Underground Water Leak Detector

October 29, 2019 by Amy  




The underground water leak detector means that when the water supply pipe leaks, the water will escape under pressure, which will generate a kind of noise. The noise will spread along the pipe to the sides or along the medium to the ground. The underground water leak detector picks up the leak. The sound is converted into an electrical signal, which is amplified and digitally filtered to determine the exact location of the leak. This is the method of underground water leak detector to detect traditional sound waves. In the area of 2 m in diameter, the exact position can be determined directly with the leaky tube. The sound that is heard is the snoring of the water flowing out of the water pipe.


The workshops and installations of cities and enterprises are complex and the pipelines are dense. Various types of integrated pipelines are buried underground, such as water supply pipelines, circulating water pipelines, drainage pipelines, oil drainage pipelines, material pipelines, etc., just like capillaries in the human body, densely packed, criss-crossing, forming their own networks. The water supply pipeline is buried underground for a long time, which will cause leakage of underground pipelines.


1. The pipeline is laid for a long time, expired in service, and the pipeline is aging;

2. Leakage caused by loose piping interface caused by geological changes, ground subsidence, etc.;

3. Leakage caused by poor pipe quality and construction;

4. The temperature difference of the medium fluctuates greatly, causing leakage due to uneven heating of the pipeline;

5, acid-base soil corrosion and transport of the medium caused by corrosion;

6. The external pressure causes damage to the pipeline and causes leakage;

7. The planning and design are unreasonable, and the pipelines cross each other to cause pipeline leakage;