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A handy guide on Glaucoma - Types, Prevention & Treatment

October 29, 2019 by rinkimanya  

Do you feel your vision is blurring? Or do feel severe headache? If you are noticing any remarkable symptoms like these then it’s a time to consult a doctor. Blurred vision, severe headache, severe eye pain, redness in eyes, nausea and vomiting are some of the symptoms that indicate the person might be suffering from Glaucoma.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a medical condition where the optic nerve of the eye that is responsible for transmitting images to the brain, gets damaged due to the increased pressure, known as intraocular pressure. If Glaucoma is not treated in time, then the condition may worsen leading to permanent vision loss. However, the sad part is that the symptoms of this disease may not show up till late in life.

What are the types of Glaucoma?

Types of Glaucoma include:

1. Open-angle glaucoma

This type is the most common one where the drainage angle formed by iris and corner remains open but there is a partial blockage in the trabecular meshwork. The blockage causes a gradual increase in the eye pressure damaging the optic nerve. Since the progression of this problem is too slow, one might lose his vision even before he could discover that it is Glaucoma.

2. Angle-closure glaucoma

Angle-closure glaucoma or closed-angle glaucoma is another type where the iris bulges out to narrow or completely block the drainage angle formed by iris and cornea. Since the fluid there cannot circulate, it cause increase in eye pressure leading to Glaucoma. This type can occur gradually or suddenly and is a medical emergency.

3. Normal-tension glaucoma

In this, the optic nerve gets damaged even though the eye pressure is within the normal range. The exact reason of this type is still unknown but it is assumed that one might have sensitive optic nerve, or less blood supply to the nerve due to plaque buildup and other reasons that limit the blood supply.

4. Glaucoma in children

Infants and children may also have this condition that can be either since birth or develop in first few years of life. Anything leading to eye pressure and optic nerve damage can cause Glaucoma in children.

5. Pigmentary glaucoma

In this, pigment granules from the iris tend to build up in the drainage channels causing slow down or complete blockage for the exiting fluid. This can cause pressure to increase and hence the optic nerve damage.

Prevention and Treatment of Glaucoma

In case you have already developed Glaucoma, then depending upon the severity, your doctor might prescribe medication, microsurgery or laser surgery, to reduce the pressure in the eyes. However, if there is no remarkable symptom currently then there are certain things you can do to prevent the increase in eye pressure:

  • Exercise safely 
  • Get regular dilated eye examinations
  • Know your family's eye health history
  • Take prescribed eye drops regularly
  • Wear eye protection


Apart from the above points, never miss on any medication, even if it is for some less severe eye problem. If your medicines are about to get finished and you feel it is difficult for you to go to the medial store, you can order medicines from online pharmacy. This way you can get the liberty of medicine delivery at doorstep in a quite affordable and reliable manner, additionally, will save you a lot of your time.