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Cassava starch processing machine in cassava starch plant

October 30, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

Cassava starch is the main constituent of cassava roots. The cassava processing into cassava starch is wet-milling method. The production equipment from Doing company is to produce cassava starch from fresh harvest cassava root. The cassava processing machine is designed as the buyer requirement.

About how to produce starch from cassava process, it mainly includes the cassava starch processing machine for cassava washing and cleaning, cassava cutting and crushing, cassava starch extraction and concentration, dewatering, drying, sieving and packing process.

statrch machine (47)

Cassava starch processing machine

1. cassava washing and cleaning

Fresh cassava is the first key guarantee in of cassava starch quality. Dry sieve is to remove a portion of cassava sediment, and then feed the material into paddle washing machine. Paddle washing machine then rotates its paddle to wash raw material with water. It adopts counter-current principle, then cassava will be washed clean.

2. cassava cutting and crushing

Put the clean cassava into the cutting machine and then into the file grinder for the breaking process. The role of fragmentation is to destroy the structure of cassava, so that small starch particles can be separated from cassava tubers. Rasper is a kind of high speed crusher. This cassava starch processing machine has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation, easy installation, easy maintenance and so on. So the chopped cassava was processed into starch pulp.

crushing 2

Cassava cutter and rasper

3. cassava starch extraction

Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve will remove fiber out of cassava starch pulp, the two machine both have fine screen sieve which can screen fiber and some dirt out or starch slurry. And the machine has back and front washing system in order to work continuously and effectively.

After that, the starch slurry will be de-sanded by de-sanding machine.

4. Concentrated&Refining
The washing and concentrating of the starch is carried out by means of a starch cyclone, which is divided into a concentration cyclone and a washing refining cyclone. This cassava starch processing machine can effectively washing, refining, recovering starch slurry.

5. Dehydration: The concentrated emulsion obtained by the separation and purification process still contains a large amount of water, and must be dehydrated to improve the drying efficiency. After the dehydration of the high-speed rotation of the peeler centrifuge, the wet starch has a moisture content of about 38%.

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Peeler centrifuge (2)

Peeler centrifuge for dewatering

6. Starch drying
The flash dryer uses a high-speed flowing hot air stream to suspend the wet starch therein and dry it during the cassava starch making process. Doing Company flash dryer is a cassava starch processing machine has the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time.

7. Cassava starch sieving and packing
After that, the last process about how to produce starch from cassava is sieving and packing. Cassava starch will be sieved by cassava starch sieving machine, the big size cassava starch will be ground again. And the final product will be packed by automatic packing machine.

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