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How To Deal With Office Cleaning Chaos In Communal Areas

October 31, 2019 by Terra Cleaning Services  

Do you own a business or work somewhere with a communal area? If yes, you have possibly had your fair share of problems when it’s about keeping the kitchen or break area tidy. A dirty communal space frustrates workers making them to be in a pessimistic mood at work & henceforth decreasing productivity levels. Simply said, a filthy communal space means workers are miserable & less expected to concentrate at work.

Besides hiring professional office cleaning in Monterrey CA, here are a few steps you can take to handle your communal workplace cleaning.

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Make a policy:

To enhance cleaning standards in communal spaces, you’ve to set some rules for workers to follow:

  • Put all rubbish in the bin
  • Wipe down surfaces after use
  • Wipe down microwave after use
  • Only keep food in the refrigerator if it is properly sealed
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes, cutlery or mugs in the sink – clean, dry and put away after use.

Assign responsibilities:

There is always one worker that revels in the delight of having accountability & some kind of power over their co-workers. If you’ve somebody like this in your office, they’re the ideal person to help you keep on top of the principles you set & motivate other workers to do the same.

Reward success:

No doubt your workers are mature & sympathetic enough to pursue the new guidelines and truly wish a cleaner office area. Nonetheless, you can still reward good outcomes by treating them every now and then. Whether it is adding high-quality coffee machine to the break room or simply adding a nicer brand of biscuit, a little gesture to your employees for their good work can go a long way.

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Appoint an office cleaning company:

Most offices don’t have time to incorporate cleaning to their every day task and there’s a fine line when it comes to anticipating workers to clean as they may argue it isn’t mentioned in their job contract.

Appointing a professional cleaning firm can tackle all the above-mentioned problems and more. They will not just clean the office area but sanitize as well which will prevent your personnel from picking up office sickness & taking time off work.

A clean office space is a healthy workplace! If you are ready to say good-bye a filthy communal area & boost staff morale, contact Terra Cleaning today.

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