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The 10 Years Challenge of 20 Tattoo Models

October 31, 2019 by J Wu  

At the beginning of 2019, many people posted their photos in 2009 and 2019 on social media such as Instagram. Chinese netizens are also actively participating in it, including various stars. If you miss these classical moments, let me take a moment to show you.
This decade is a decade of information explosion, and social media users around the world are keen to show how they change over time. The challenge is to tell people to live in the moment.
Some of the photos prove that the time is ruthless and people get old, while others show they are loved by time. Of course, tattoo models are not far behind, and of course, fans are amazed by these photos. Look at the 20 tattoo girls who have tried this challenge below.
xania wet
@xania_wet, a tattoo model and sexy girl, but she looked like a passer-by 10 years ago, not special characters, but now, she has become a hot and shining goddess.
stella latoya
Can you believe that @stella.latoya from Germany used to be a blonde girl without a tattoo?
@sharkzillaa from a teenage to a beautiful young woman.
@officialvanyvicious not only got a lot of tattoos in 10 years, but she completely changed her physique.
Can you believe that @monamifrost has been tattooed for less than 10 years? Her cool and fashionable business empire has risen.
pandora blue
Vape. Goddess @pandora.blue becomes a tattoo model from the mainstream model.
@jordanskyemodeling Prove that some women become more beautiful as they get older.
@tatubaby looked beautiful in 2009, but she is even more gorgeous 10 years later.
angela mazzantiIf you show us the photo on the left, we will never guess she is a tattoo model. @angela_mazzanti.
@cervenafox has made tremendous progress in just a few years. 

@riae_ becomes a charming woman from a cute girl.
@kellyeden proves that something will never change.
@jakiichu is not always a charming blonde woman like today, she used to be a tomboy!
Not only @curaline-grace has changed dramatically in the past decade, but her baby boy has grown up.
@elporter interprets a clumsy duck can become an elegant swan by its efforts.
The first photo was taken 10 years later, the fitness instructor @biancataylorm was almost unrecognizable.
minxy modellin
@minxy_modelling is like to take something that keeps people young and gain the ability to stay young forever.
@annelindfjeld proves that laughter and tattoos can make you young and textured. Can you guess which one was taken 10 years ago?
Friends @airica.michelle and @candicealice took us away in the 10 years later challenge.

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