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Buy Flavoured Lube Online To Spice Up Your Sex Life

October 31, 2019 by Shally Warner  

Are you sick of the monotony of your sex life? Do your often find yourself unsatisfied and distracted when in bed with your partner? Are quickies and clandestine make-outs the only way you can spend some time with your better half? A healthy sex life is an integral part of a happy relationship. And there is nothing wrong with experimenting with sex toys and lube as long as it is consensual.

Surprise your spouse with some flavoured lube and a long session of oral pleasure and foreplay. Lube usually enhances the pleasure of both the partners. For the male it creates a smooth, wet, cool sensation around the penis that helps him get a good erection. For women, flavoured lube can help them enjoy giving a blowjob. Flavoured lube usually has a unique taste and smell that takes away the natural smell and salty bitter taste of the cum.

Types of Lubes and Their Uses

Lube is basically a gel-based substance that is used for lubricating the genitals and sex organs of the body. This heightens the pleasure, creating different sensations in the area that feel good and help in sexual gratification.

Lube comes in a variety of flavours and smells ranging from fruity to flowery and even other unique varieties. You can Buy flavoured lube online from various websites and stores. We would recommend that you read through the customer reviews and ratings to make an informed choice.

Uses of Flavoured Lube

Flavoured Lube can be used for the pleasure of both men and women. For women the lube works as a lubricating agent, helping them get wet and make the act of intercourse less painful and more enjoyable. Men facing erection troubles use lube for either masturbation or for enhances ejaculation when they’re with their partners.

You can also Buy natural lube online that contain no chemicals. These lubricants are safer for the skin and can even be consumed in case you want to perform oral sex on your partner with lube. Some lubes also have special cooling or warming agents that create a special sensation for extra pleasure. Ensure that you read through the instructions carefully before using the lube to avoid accidents.

Spare yourself the trouble of looking for homemade lubricants like oil and lotions or resorting to the age-old method of spit lubrication. With these flavoured lubes you can experience sexual pleasure and intimacy in a safe way. Lube is also used for ass play as it makes the process almost painless.

The Bottom Line

Lubricants are artificial agents that are used by couples to increase their sexual pleasure and spice things up in the bedroom. Expressing and exploring your sexuality with another person is completely fine as long as the act is a mutual decision that has been discussed by the parties involved. Using lubricants should be a consensual and conscious decision that has been agreed to by the partners for a fulfilling and satisfying experience.