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Points to Consider Before Invest In Villa Plots In Sarjapur Bangalore

October 31, 2019 by Pionier Lifestyle plus  

Many people love to buy some ready to move in properties like apartments or villas. But, in cities beyond metros, people still prefer to invest in plots or land and construct a house or villa of their choice as and when they want. In fact, it is also a known fact that investing in plots is considered as a big investment with higher returns. 

Moreover, the steps and procedures involved in villa plots in Sarjapur are considerably different from apartment-purchase. 

So, it is necessary to conduct a careful analysis before finding your villa plots in Bangalore:


Location is crucial when considering plot-investments. You have to do deep research on the area properly to understand the neighbourhood, infrastructure and social and public amenities. Try to buy some plots for sale in off sarjapur road with water, sewer and drainage systems before going ahead with the deal.


Another key factor is the size of the plot. Set your requirement and then choose the right plot before you make a purchase. You can buy villa plots in sarjapur road which is clearly protected from encroachment and squatters, hence a survey of the land and clearly defining its dimensions and area will go a long way in preventing legal disputes.


  • Title deed: Check if the real estate dealer has a legal right over the property. This you can ensure by title deed of the property.

  • Encumbrance certificate: This document is proof that the property is out of monetary and legal liabilities. It declares that these villa plots in Bangalore is free of any legal hassle and unpaid dues.

  • Release certificate: This is essential for resale plots to ensure that the property does not have any loans or bank commitments.


  • The plot should be approved by the city development corporation. Collect all approval documents and it is better to get it verified by a lawyer.

  • Property tax receipts and bills: Clear all tax-related issues, the buyer must request previous property tax receipts and other bills from the real estate developer.


  • Cost is an obvious one, but the cost may differ in different places depending on the locations and the liabilities come with your choice of land. Land appreciation, neighbourhood, key distances from prominent places may be the determining factor for the price of your dreamland.


  • The size of the land you need depends on the size of the house or villa you want to build. So consider all your priorities before you purchase the villa plots in Bangalore as you may have several plans to do for your home in the future.

EMI and Loan Options:

  •  It provides a great relief to those who can’t pay the full amount at a time. It also gives you the flexibility to pay in several instalments and take loans as required. Loan approvals on the property also assure the authenticity of lands you are going to buy.