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Automatic industrial cassava flour processing machine

November 1, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

Many people in tropical countries will treat cassava flour as their main food. But in the most time, method of processing cassava flour is that people process cassava flour in the traditional ways. They cut cassava into pieces, and dry these cassava chips. Then they grind these pieces into cassava flour. Then these cassava flour will be sieved and packed. But the method of processing cassava flour created by Doing company is more efficient. And the method is that cassava will be processed into cassava flour by wet method. Here are cassava flour processing machine used by Doing Company.

flour machine (4)

Cassava flour processing machine

1. Cassava washing and cleaning machine

dry sieve can remove dirt, sand and small stones. According to the multi-screw operation, the blade cleaning machine can remove the sediment and impurities on the surface of cassava. At the same time, the outer skin of cassava can be simply disposed of. Then paddle washing machine will be used for washing step of cassava processing.

2. Cassava crushing machine

cassava rasper is a bidirectional rasper which uses modern deign. Large crushing capacity, strong production capacity, uniform product size, low energy consumption, simple structure, light weight, convenient operation and maintenance, high toughness. All the above is the advantage of rasper.



3. Desnding & dewatering machine

Cassava slurry is pumped into the de-sanding machine. The sand impurities will be separated and collected into a container discharging.

Then using a cassava flour dewatering machine which is called plate & frame filter press for dewatering. This cassava flour processing machine is designed with integration of machine, electricity and liquid, which can realize automatic pressing. So the cassava flour dewatering machine can dehydrate cassava flour with high efficiency.


Dewatering machine

4. Cassava flour drying and sieving machine

The special designed flash dryer will dry the wet cassava in few seconds. After drying ,the moisture level of cassava flour can meet national regulatory standards. Then the cassava flour will be sievied to separate the big particle flour.

5. Cassava flour packing machine

Cassava flour will be packed by automatic packing machine. Pack desired quantities of cassava flour in polythene bags, seal or stitch as appropriate. This avoids the flour absorb moisture from the environment.


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