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Best Airport Tips & Tricks To Help Make Sure A Smooth Trip

November 4, 2019 by midnightlimo  

Traveling is fun & exciting, but getting through the airport can be a stressful experience. Confidence travelers know how to deal with the stress of passing through busy airports. With a little planning & preparation, there’re several ways to get through the airport quickly. As a leading Stouffville airport limo provider here we’ve rounded up the best airport tips & tricks to help make sure a smooth trip. 


Bring a portable charger:


Having a portable charger can be a serious lifesaver when you are on the go or unable to discover an open outlet at the airport. You can also make use of your portable charger to charge your phone while on the plane so it’ll be ready to use when you land. 


Keep your laptop in an easy to access place:


When going through airport security, you will have to take out your laptop. Store it in an easy to access place so you won’t have to scramble through your carry-on luggage to find it in the security line.


Tie a bright colored ribbon on your baggage:


Use a bright-colored ribbon or luggage tag so it will be easy to recognize. Your baggage will stand out among all the black suitcases at baggage claim.


Bring your own health snacks:


Airplane food leaves a lot to be desired, which is why I always suggest bringing your own healthy snacks instead. Just ensure to check the TSA rules before time so you know what you can & can’t bring through airport security.


Keep a collection of hotel toiletries:

In place of paying for travel-sized toiletries, bring hotel toiletries with you on your next journey. This works great for frequent travelers & saves you money as well.


Wear your extra luggage:


If you are worried regarding your baggage being over the weight limit, consider wearing your heavier clothing through airport security. As soon as you pass through security, then you can make a quick outfit change.


Check your flight status before heading to the airport:


Checking your flight’s status prior to leaving home can offer you a quick heads up of what to anticipate. If your flight has been delayed, you won’t have to rush to the airport and if it has been canceled, you can get on the phone to rebook another flight.


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