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The best tips to remove chocolate and candy stains from clothes:

November 4, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Here in the following article, Laundry Pick up will guide you with the best tips to remove chocolate and candy stains from clothes.

Apply hydrogen peroxide:

- In a medium bowl add two cups of tap water, if they are warm it will be better.

- Add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the container, so that the running water predominates.

- Take a handkerchief and immerse one of the areas in this solution that you have created.

- Subsequently, place the cloth on the stained surface and exert pressure for at least two minutes.

- You will notice how the candy comes out of the garment in its solid parts.

- Also, you will need to remove the dye that is so complicated to remove from clothing.

- To do this, Laundry Pick up service recommends that you apply more solution (hydrogen peroxide + running water), to the garment, in this case, you can scrub.

- Let the garment rest with a cloth dampened with hydrogen peroxide for about 5 minutes.

- Then wash your garment by hand with hot or warm enough water. Apply some stain remover product. It will help you remove candy from clothes.

Use vinegar to remove caramel:

- In a bowl mix three-quarters of vinegar together with two cups of running water. If you wish you can improve the results by adding a spoonful of thin salt to the mixture.

- Take the garment and spread it well on a clean surface, with an atomizer spread the solution with vinegar over the stain. So that the entire affected surface is soaked.

- Let the solution act on the stain for a few minutes and then apply some stain remover soap. And, using a thin bristle brush, circle the area.

- Subsequently, wash as usual the garment by hand or in a washing machine.

- Let the garment dry in the sun and you will notice excellent results.

How to remove candy from clothes?

First, you must check the state of the stain, the duration of the stain, and the depth. For recent stains, apply some stain remover product on a handkerchief or damp towel. Then apply pressure on the stained area.

It is excellent for removing candy from clothes easily and quickly but on recent stains.

If, on the other hand, the stain is old, we recommend that you use stain remover products, and follow their instructions. However, implement the tips highlighted in the text to remove caramel stains from clothing.