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How to wash towels to make them soft?

November 5, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

When they are new, the towels are very absorbent and soft. But there comes a time when they acquire a rough touch, become stiff and dry less. Lime, moisture and other detergents and softeners remain between the fibers, causing them to deteriorate. So that this does not happen to you ahead of time, you must take a series of precautions when washing towels.

The best tips for towels cleaning and leave them as new:

1. Before using them:

The care of your towels begins before use. The first thing you should do is wash them alone because when they are new they give off threads and fluff. Also, they can lose color and dye other garments.

2. Choose the correct water temperature:

Normally we fall into the error of washing the towels in too hot water. But sometimes cold water is better as if they are embroidered or brightly colored. Experts recommend washing towels at a temperature between 40 and 60 to avoid shrinking seams.

3. Do not abuse the fabric softener:

Although it may seem contradictory, fabric softener can be an enemy to towels. Before using them for the first time, you should do a wash without this product. Subsequently, use it only every three or four washes.

4. Just pour the right detergent:

Similarly, you should add a little detergent. Half of what you would normally use is enough.

5. Wash the towels alone:

For the towels to be washed correctly, it should not be mixed with other clothes or overload the drum.

6. The soap with white vinegar brings softness:

If you want your towels to always be soft but disinfected you just have to add soap and white vinegar in the detergent box. You can also try scented ammonia and a splash of lemon.

7. Baking soda to whiten towels:

Have your white towels started to yellow? Fill a bowl with a liter of hot water for each towel and pour half a tablespoon of baking soda. Let it soak for at least an hour. Wash in the washing machine with a mild detergent and let it dry in the sun.

8. Lemon for difficult spots:

When the towels have a difficult stain, try removing it by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with lemon juice. Make a paste and apply it directly to the stain, rubbing.

I hope these tips for towels cleaning will be helpful to you.