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The best tips to dry your clothes quickly in no time:

November 5, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Here in the following, we will learn the best tips offered by Laundry service to dry your clothes faster.

Vegetable centrifuge for underwear:

In some Internet forums, we have seen the testimonies of several people who assure that if you put the underwear in a vegetable drainer and turn it around to release all the water, they will lose so much moisture that later you will only need to apply some hot air with the dryer.

Hairdryer and iron:

Since we are talking about a dryer, at this point we will not discover the great ally that this device is to get you out of trouble when you get your clothes wet by accident. What we can remind you is that you must be careful not to bring the garment too close to the mouthpiece so as not to burn it.

Something that is not so usual is to use the hair straightener to finish the job. If you do not have an iron for clothes on hand and you need to finish drying a garment that is still somewhat wet, you can do it with the hair iron. At the same time that you dry it, you remove wrinkles.

Turn on the fan:

The fan in winter? Remember that we are talking about drying clothes faster. It is not for you to do it every day, but in case of trouble, the fan air will help to spread the hot air of the heating by the room where you have laid the clothes.

The microwave to the rescue:

Some people even put small items in the microwave to dry them, but this is not recommended because you could cause an accident. If despite this warning you want to try, it is best that you double fold each garment and enter it at intervals of 20 seconds maximum so that you can control the process.

Turn hanging clothes:

Apart from all these homemade tricks, you should not forget that clothes need to circulate air to dry. Therefore it is advisable by Laundry service experts to leave space between the clothes when you hang them on the clothesline.

If it is raining and you have to lay it inside, you should turn it over so that it does not dry in some parts yes and others not.