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The best tips to hang clothes to dry before and wrinkle less:

November 6, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Laundry Service NYC has suggested some of the best tips hang clothes to dry before and wrinkle-free:

1. Let the air run:

You must remember that clothes need air to circulate to dry. Therefore it is advisable to leave space between the clothes when you hang them on the clothesline. If it is raining and you have to lay it inside, you should turn it over to dry it everywhere.

2. Wait for it to dry:

A mistake we make many times is to remove the clothes from the rope before it has dried completely. If it is not to be ironed immediately, the only thing you will get is that it takes a smell and that more wrinkles form.

3. Don't let it dry out:

Before we told you not to remove it ahead of time. But don't let it dry out either. When it is very sunny it is very important to remove clothes from the clothesline as soon as it is dry. Otherwise, it will be stoned and wrinkles will come out that it did not have before.

4. Once dry, fold it:

When you remove the clothes from the clothesline do not leave it in a pile until it gives you to remove the iron. It is better that you spend a little time to fold it carefully or, if you have room, hang it. This will wrinkle less and iron much faster.

5. Each garment tends differently:

Finally, it is interesting to know how each garment should be laid. It points:

Shirts are better to hang on a hanger, as we have told you. But if you could not, place the tweezers on the seams of the skirt, so that the neck and sleeves are down.

The pants, better with the zipper closed so they don't lose shape. And always upside down and upside down so that those vertical wrinkles are not formed that are so difficult to eliminate.

For skirts to wrinkle less, you should tend them with straight seams and at the waist.

The shirts, well stretched and hung by the shoulders. A clamp-on each seam will be enough to leave it perfectly stretched.

With bedding you have two options: fold it in half or hang it in a bag. This second form of tendering is not the most used but it has the advantage that it does not occupy the entire clothesline. In addition, by allowing better air circulation, the sheets will dry faster.

Delicate garments and wool sweaters it is better to lay them horizontally, without tweezers.

As suggested by Laundry Service NYC, in order not to waste time later, you can tend the paired socks.