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Small organic fertilizer production line is a small version of large organic fertilizer production line

November 7, 2019 by zhengtianci  

The small-scale organic fertilizer production line is a small version of the large-scale organic fertilizer production line, and the whole fertilizer production process is still a principle. Small fertilizer production line is suitable for small-scale investment users with less initial capital. Now we can see the strong support. The small-scale production line of organic fertilizer can be directly established by advocating and subsidizing the production line of organic fertilizer. Some small farms can directly establish small-scale organic fertilizer production lines in their own farms. On the ground, you can ferment manure directly to make organic fertilizer With the continuous improvement of people's understanding of food quality, the use of organic fertilizer is increasing, which brings opportunities to organic fertilizer manufacturers. The equipment of the organic fertilizer production line makes the excrement of livestock and poultry become organic fertilizer, effectively realizes the recycling of waste, reduces environmental pollution and greatly saves resources.

In our opinion, due to the fact that the users have just started to build factories, the economic funds are not enough and the organic fertilizer machine is expensive, but the farm manure has not been treated locally, which has polluted the environment. There are odor and other problems in the square for several miles, so we designed a small powdered organic fertilizer production line, which can solve the problems of low investment and quick response without worrying about sales (self use or local sales). Low cost investment not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also increases revenue This is a bio fertilizer project for farmers to make money.

The equipment of powder organic fertilizer production line includes: organic fertilizer lathe, semi wet material crusher, bedroom mixer (optional accessories), roller screen conveyor, belt conveyor (according to the site belt length), automatic packaging machine According to the above-mentioned organic fertilizer production line equipment process, according to the proportion of production process formula, the organic fertilizer that meets the standard can be produced. Organic fertilizer is a very promising environmental project.