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How to wash black clothes? The best tips:

November 7, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Surely you have in your closet some garment that was previously black and now looks rather green. Or that it has been left with stripes after removing it from the washing machine. And, washing black clothes does not consist only in pouring the detergent and selecting a program.

You must take into account several aspects that will help you preserve the color in all its intensity. From the time you take it out of the laundry bin until you put it in the closet, washed and ironed, you must follow a series of guidelines suggested by laundromat near me that we will indicate below.

How to wash black clothes so you don't lose color?

Set color:

The first thing you have to do is set the color. How can you do it? Before washing the garment for the first time, turn it over and immerse it in a bucket of water and apple cider vinegar. Let it soak for about a quarter of an hour and it is ready to be washed.

Some say that by pouring salt into the water, the black color is better fixed and preserved.

Read the labels:

It is not necessary to remind you of the importance of separating clothes by colors and genres. The sheets, on the one hand, the towels on the other and the delicate garments always by hand or in a special bag for the washing machine.

Always upside down:

When washing the black clothes you have to remember to put it inside out and close the buttons and zippers so that there are no marks left.

Short programs:

The temperature of the water must be cold, at most 30 degrees Celsius. But, also, you have to select a short program. In case the garment has any stains, instead of using a long program it is better that you try to remove it with some product before putting it in the washing machine.

Dark laundry detergent:

Another tip is to use a specific detergent to wash black clothes, as these do not contain bleach or additives. In the market several brands sell them, so you won't find it difficult to find one. Some even promise a renewal of 3D fabrics to recover color.

As suggested by laundromat near me, apple cider vinegar, which you can occasionally put in the washing machine during rinsing, you can try adding black pepper. This ingredient prevents soap from sticking to the garment.