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What is architecture design?

November 8, 2019 by Glain max  


Although when we think of the word design, other branches come to mind, such as fashion design, graphic design, and web design, there is a very important and influential branch for our society, and it is the design of architecture, also known As architectural design. 

But what is architecture design specifically? We can imagine building design, giant sculptures outside cities and skyscrapers, but the design of the architecture is not limited to that. 

It is much more than that concise and summarized concept. We are talking about a whole branch of art and design, whose definition and analysis we will see below, for your perfect understanding and knowledge.

Architecture design definition and analysis:

We can understand to understand by architecture design the task in charge of covering the needs and satisfying the demand to create habitable spaces for human beings. It is not limited to a technological sense, but also includes the aesthetic side, so important and influential in people's lives. If we divide its name in two, we can further analyze the definition of architecture design. Let's see it:

The house designs plans concept refers to the creative process used to obtain a specific and determined objective or goal. To establish and create a design, data, and knowledge on the subject, training, and study related to the subject to be designed and the branch to which it refers. 

In this case, the architecture, are taken into account. To achieve a proper house interior design, you must meet a series of requirements and meet the objectives, both aesthetic and technological.

In the case of architectural design, the objective is none other than to simple house design an architectural work that meets a specific need, such as the demand for living space. 

This space can be designed to be a residence or domicile, or for a work or leisure space, such as offices, an auditorium or even a park. The architecture design is also responsible for interior design and presenting all kinds of solutions at the technical level for the construction, so that any problem or circumstance, such as lighting or the size of the space to be designed.

In conclusion, we must know that the design of the architecture focuses on providing art or an artistic side to construction, not limited to the technical or technological sense, but the aesthetic one, and taking the work to a higher level that meets all requirements and the purposes of it.