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11 ways to increase phone headset life

November 8, 2019 by keikeilaiy  

Professional phone headset wholesale suppliers tell you how to increase phone headset life

1. Do not wear headphones when you are sleeping. When you are sleeping, people will often move. With headphones will be wrapped around the neck and twisted together with the two headphones, the headphones will be crushed.

2. Wipe the sweat on the headphone cable after using the headphones. Something secreted by these humans, containing fat or something, is at the bend of the ear. After a long time, the wire rod will age, eventually leading to cracks and cracks.

3. It is best not to smoke when using headphones. Accidentally, the earphone shell and headphone cord will be burned. In addition, soot will enter the earphone shell and stick to the shock film, and the sound quality will become worse after a long time.

4. Be sure to turn down the volume before use. If the volume of your output device is too loud, not only will your ears be shaken, but lighter membranes will wrinkle. Seriously burned the voice coil of the phone headset.

5. Keep headphones away from strong magnets. The magnetic properties of the magnets of the unit will decrease and the sensitivity will decrease over time!

increase phone headset life

6. Keep your headphones away from moisture. The pads on the headphones will get rust and the resistance will increase, and the sound quality of your headphones will deteriorate.

7. Plug part. Some friends like to put mp3 on the trouser pocket, and the outlet part of the plug is very easy to fold. It will break for a long time.

8. Do not disassemble. Some people are curious and want to take a look at the headphones. Some headphones are difficult to open, some headphones can not be opened without a special method, even if opened, 80% will make the phone headset can not continue to work or sound quality deterioration.

9. It is best not to use it outside during winter. In winter, the wire is hard, and excessive bending can easily break the wire. Do not heat the headphone cable at this time. High temperatures will accelerate the aging of the wire.

10. Keep away from chemicals. The paint on the earphone casing dissolves in organic chemicals and it does not look good.

11. The best headphones do not suffer exposure, otherwise the line will burn out.

These are the articles shared by professional phone accessories wholesale suppliers. If you want to know more or need more, you are welcome to inquire our company or pay attention to our company’s official website.