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Wall Mounted Aquarium in Bangalore

November 8, 2019 by aquariumcraze  

Brings creativity and life to your walls  

The wall-mounted aquarium is a unique and eye-catching piece of art to any room.  We have a wide range of wall mounted aquariums that can change any wall into live art. you can now have an eye-catching, unique aquarium design that will stand out and enhance any home or office wall.

Wall Aquarium take up less space than your regular freshwater aquarium and much comfortable to maintain.

All of our walls mounted aquariums are sleek, unique and stylish. These new slim aquariums are amazing to behold and will make any wall look stunning and save you more space! As the tank is fully mounted on the wall, there's no need for a stand or table, thus drawing the eye directly to the tank. 

·         This Aquarium comes with an Inbuilt filtration system, LED lighting, Metal and wood framework.

·         Wall Mounted Aquarium Starts for 3feet and above,

·         The glass we use is toughened clear glass,

·         Wall mounted aquarium price varies depending on the size and quality, are you looking for an aquarium dealer in Bangalore? Contact us today.



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