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How often should the laundry be washed?

November 8, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

If you are wondering how often the laundry should be washed, today we will learn.

That's why you should change your bedding much more often:

Change sheets every 4 weeks? Better not. For order and cleanliness between the sheets, you have to make more effort.

For a healthy and restful sleep, a clean bed and fresh covers are necessary - that much is clear. Finally, we rather cuddle up in freshly laundered bedding. But how often should the laundry be changed?

Why a regular change of linen is necessary?

Nothing is as beautiful as a cuddly warm bed: Unfortunately, not only you but also microscopically small guests think that they live in their mattress. On average, 10 million mites are between your purchases. The feces of these small arachnids can be the trigger for asthma or allergies.

How often should the laundry be washed?

It often depends on the individual: If you sweat a lot or sleep unclothed, the covers and sheets should be changed weekly. The same will be advised by the Laundry service experts to allergy sufferers or smokers. For pets in bed, laundry once a week is also mandatory.

Otherwise, a refresher every two weeks is completely sufficient as the industry association body care and detergents announced.

How to get your bedding clean?

The duvet covers and sheets should be washed at 60 degrees with a color detergent, as mites die at this temperature with universal or heavy-duty detergent 40 degrees. Do not forget to wash pillows and blankets once or twice a year at 60 degrees. Please note the information given by the manufacturer beforehand.

More tips for a comfortable night's sleep:

Allow your blankets, pillows, and mattress to air regularly to make it easier to carry away moisture. Therefore, when buying, you should keep an eye out for breathable and breathable fabrics.

Most of the time you can tell by the smell, whether a new laundry is pending. Do not delay the cleaning, but take care of it immediately. In a freshly-made and ventilated bed, it also sleeps more pleasantly.

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