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Know here when to replace a washing machine?

November 9, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

The replacement of your old washing machine can be worthwhile, even if it still works properly. However, if your machine has been around for a few years, it is unlikely to be a particularly energy-efficient model.

Especially households with many people who have to cope with a lot of laundry loads per week, therefore do well to switch to a more economical and thus more environmentally friendly washing machine.

Even if repairing your old machine would be too expensive compared to buying a new washing machine, it is worth buying new ones. You can assume that the life of a really good washing machine is between 10 and 20 years.

However, this requires that you maintain your machine carefully and do not renounce the transport protection to protect the drum when moving. Let us know some more frequently asked questions with laundry pickup and delivery.

When is my washing machine too full?

You have overloaded your washing machine if the weight of the dirty laundry exceeds the allowable capacity of the appliance. For example, you can tell by the fact that the wet laundry strongly presses against the porthole of the machine or you have trouble placing your still dry laundry in the drum at all.

Overloading your machine is not to be avoided only because your laundry will not be as clean as you wish. Rather, costly bearing damage to the drum is conceivable.

Why calibrate the washing machine?

According to laundry pickup and delivery, most machines of the current generation have a so-called automatic quantity. Thanks to this technology, the machine can measure how much laundry is in the drum and to adjust the required amount of water and the length of the wash cycle accordingly.

For the automatic meter to function correctly, you must first calibrate your washing machine. How to perform the calibration mode varies from device to device, so it makes sense to look at the original manual.

Why put a washing machine on a pedestal?

In many laundry rooms, a fixed podium for washing machine and dryer are available. But why is that? By placing these devices on such a base, you can benefit from a more comfortable working height. That also protects your back.

If you decide on a base with a pull-out work surface, you can place your laundry basket comfortably on this surface and remove the clean laundry more conveniently from the device.

If your machine is in the basement and you live in a flood-prone area, a socket will protect the machine from possible water damage. Similarly, for some buildings, the sewage is so high that a pedestal helps you bypass the installation of a lift.