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Significance of Selecting Suitable Keywords Amid SEO Practices

November 9, 2019 by Anchal Rawat  

For several business owners, get ranked for different number of keywords will be quite exquisite. Many also think for sure that whatever terms a user is utilizing while doing a search on the web, their business will show in the search results for that term and they will be discovered. Having said that, as is much true, quantity does not inevitably mean quality when it comes to returning on investment for SEO.

This is consequently the method search engine users utilize their results. Research carried out by the experts of SEO Agency Singapore indicates that as much as 50% of traffic proceeds to the top entry in the results, around 20% view relatively one site in the top 4, but beneath 10% of users go beyond the first page as well as first 10 results.

Hence, ranking highly for a single keyphrase will pay greater than ranking for the number of times on the second or third page.

Ranking for few keyphrases is more strenuous than others, because of the amount as well as strength of competing sites, so a company that aims to rank in many keyphrases will be expanding their resources finely.

The quality search engine optimization provider performing SEO keywords best practices will commence by conducting deep keyword research to decide the highest value keywords for a campaign. This includes gauging potential keywords phrases for the four attributes of a worthy keyword such as high traffic, less competition, great commercial value and high relevance.

When high-value keywords have been recognized, the company providing SEO Services in Singapore will abide with only a finite set of high-value phrases, and concentrates on acquiring top rankings prior to moving towards the other set. This implies a rapid ROI in the short-term, and in the long term, the client will rank in high positions for numerous phrases, assisting them develop a sway of their market.


When an SEO provider decides to optimize for a restricted amount of keywords, a sign of quality is that they will utilize variations of the keyphrase in their content. Google’s semantic search technology is sufficiently sharp to identify keyword variations and may rank the target website for other related keywords albeit they probably haven’t been targeted on the website.

Utilizing keyword variations is crucial for smooth, natural depth content and to assure a website stays on the themes and finely written.

The Ideal Method to Keyword Targeting

The ideal way is to target a less number of keyword themes, every one of it comprising of various keywords categorized close to related topics. This will assure your site becomes easy to comprehend, well-written and provides your website the greatest chances of ranking for your better relevant business terms. For instance-

If you are a SEO company providing 2 major services of online reputation management and branding, then your keyword themes might view as follows-

Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management Company

Best Online Reputation Management Agency and so on.

Similarly for other service i.e. branding –

Best Branding Company


Best Branding Agency and so on.

So that the search engine can effortlessly understand what you do and hence what to rank you for, you should emphasize on a small set of keywords with the objective of having those terms in the intellects of consumers as well as search engines.


When it comes to keyword targeting in case you pitch your net too broad you risk expanding your SEO resources slender and turning out to be a jumble of topics that make the search engine job of understanding your website very tough.

Good results will turn up when you concentrate on a less number of keyword themes comprising of a keyword that are closely related.