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Cassava starch making process with cassava starch machine

November 9, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

The cassava starch making process of Doing Company adopts the advanced and most widely used cassava processing technology for cassava starch processing plant which not only features with high production stability, strong adaptability, good controllability, easy maintenance, but with high extraction rate of starch, high starch quality, and well praised by manufacturers and product consumers.

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Cassava starch making process

Cleaning and washing
Cassava cleaning process usually adopt two machine: dry sieve and paddle washer to get a better cleaning effect, fully filter out the leafs, sand and other dirty on cassava.

The second is the grating
The cleaned cassava is pulverized by a grating machine, which blows the structure of the raw material in the cassava starch making process, so that the tiny starch granules can be disintegrated and separated from the cassava roots. The starch has been substantially freed out and becomes a slurry mixture.