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All about hair extension for black lady

November 10, 2019 by Jennifer Owens  

If you do not want to wait until your hair regrows to find a long and silky mane, you always have the option to opt for extensions. These strands of hair that you attach to your natural hair will allow you to achieve all the hairstyles you want or to gain volume.

If this touch of fancy hair interests you, we present you in this blog the details on relaxed hair extensions, straight hair waves and hair extensions for black lady, but also their maintenance, so that your extensions last you as long as possible.

Hair extensions are especially popular among black women, who often feel trapped in their afro cut. They allow them to change their style without damaging their hair (by straightening too frequently, for example).


If weaving and hair extension pose generally offer a similar result (bringing length to natural hair), the laying techniques are different. The weave is sewn to the hairline, unlike the extension that will always be 0.5 or 1 cm from the scalp. This is why this second technique is preferable, since it does not prevent the hair from breathing and does not risk to suffocate your scalp.

Nevertheless, a hair extension will be much less accessible (sometimes 5 or 10 times more expensive). It is the price to pay to respect the nature of your hair and to avoid that their vitality (and thus their beauty) is lessened.

  • The life of the extensions

  • The durability of your hair extensions will depend on several factors:

  • the nature of your hair;

  • the quality of the extensions and the pose done by your hairdresser;

  • their maintenance.

As a general rule, quality hair extensions should last from 4 to 6 months (and only 2 months for basic hair). However, you will need to return regularly (at least once a month) to your hair salon to remove small hair that would be caught in the keratin and replace the locks.

What are the different hair extension techniques

There are different types of hair extensions technique:

  • Keratin point fixation : this is the most commonly used technique, since it allows you to gain in length and volume. Your hairdresser will use a glue (usually with keratin) to fix wicks (natural or synthetic) to your natural hair. The glue will be melted hot or cold at least 1 cm from your scalp. The cold method is to fix your locks with small metal rings (for a more resistant result) or with a plant glue applied wick per wick.

  • Some hairdressers use a connector (cylindrical) attached to the hairline. The hot method consists of using heating tongs or a trowel to harden and dry the glue.

  • Weaving consists of putting strips of hair on a glued braid made around your skull. Each band will be sewn or woven to create a "curtain" effect of hair

  • The clips operate on the same principle of "curtain", each band being in this case fixed with bars (or clips). This method can be done at home, with the help of a third person (especially for the locks behind)

  • Braiding is braiding your extensions to your hair. Very popular among Afro, they are more and more popular with Europeans.