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Twenty years ago, people were worried about typing into a chat box online.


Today, it's nothing to buy a ring online. You can buy a diamond engagement ring online because you can spec out exactly what you want, comparison shop among all the reputable vendors, and get a certification from a trusted national organization (GIA or SGS). Once you buy it, get it independently appraised and evaluated to ensure it matches the certificate. If it doesn't, or you're otherwise unhappy, you return it and try again.


The time has come for you to make the last commitment – you better get this next step right!


If you were going to wear something for the rest of your life, you want to have a say in it.


Well, that's exactly what an engagement ring is! You need to talk about what she likes, what styles and settings she prefers, and how much she wants to spend — get as many details as possible. Go ring shopping with her if you're brave enough.


Find out not only what she likes in a ring but how important it is to her. Some women care a lot about the ring. Some women don't care one bit. Some want you to go all out and show her your commitment. Some see it as a waste. You probably have a good idea but it never hurts to find out for certain. It's a significant purchase, you want to make sure you understand her expectations.


Master the purchase knowledge of diamonds:Diamonds are measured on four C's – cut, color, clarity, and carat.


Cut – A diamond is a stone and the cut is the shape of the stone. The cut has an impact on the sparkle of the diamond because less light will be lost out of the bottom and sides of the diamond. This is often considered the most important of the 4Cs.

Color – A diamond is not perfectly clear, it'll have some color to it and the “whiter” it is, the more it's valued. This is the second most important C.

Clarity – A diamond is also not perfect, it will have imperfections known as inclusions. A higher grade means fewer visible inclusions. This is the third most important since inclusions aren't usually visible to the naked eye. Anything graded SI2 or higher has no visible (to the naked eye, thanks Drew!) inclusions.

Once you've identified this information, you'll need to choose your own engagement ring based on your budget.


Marriage is the happiness of two people for a lifetime. It takes two people to work hard together and everything is worthwhile.


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