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Production requirements for organic fertilizer granulation

November 11, 2019 by zhengtianci  

Organic fertilizer machine plays a huge role in the production process. The process of preparing organic fertilizer particles is very complicated. The granulation process of the organic fertilizer production line includes: Fermentation - crushing - batching - agitation - granulation - drying - cooling - Screening - packaging.

The following requirements for the preparation of organic fertilizer particles:

1. Raw material requirements: organic fertilizer raw materials are also relatively wide, such as crop straw, soybean meal, animal manure, distiller's grains, sugar dregs, domestic garbage, etc These materials are fermented first, and some nutrients can be added in the fermentation process to improve the fertilizer efficiency of the granules This is a material requirement.

2. Moisture proof requirements: after drying, the water demand is about 15% after general granulation and drying, and then different granulators are used for granulation according to different characteristics of materials.

3. Requirements of organic fertilizer granulation equipment: the rotary drum granulator is suitable for raw materials with more fine powder, high molding rate and high density.