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Shopping For A Man’s Wedding Ring - Aura Jewels

November 11, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

Exchanging rings is a custom between every man and woman to be wed. Generally, both man and woman go together to shop for their rings so that they can shop for rings that match. But, this isn't always necessary. If you are too lovey-dovey, you can opt for matching rings, but otherwise you can shop for your own preferred choice of rings. While shopping for a woman’s ring has a lot to be considered with a multitude of fancy options available, shopping for a man’s ring is an equally important decision.


Men’s wedding rings have been commonly worn since the Second World War, with the popularity only increasing with time. Today, there is a huge selection of men’s rings available to choose from. Here is everything that you should know about a man’s wedding ring before planning to shop for it.


The tradition of the bride and groom exchanging wedding rings began during the World War II, reminding men about their wives back home when they were at war. Another reason why wedding rings began to be exchanged was to prove that the man was financially stable enough to support his bride, as this is where he first gifts her with a precious metal. The tradition as ever since been followed till date, but with the difference being that the ring is for showing off to the world what you status is. People judge you and your better half on your wedding by the rings you buy – a bitter but true fact! This is why you have to choose your ring even more wisely.

The material

Traditionally, men’s wedding rings have been made from gold. But, with changes in fashion and styles, other metals like silver, white gold, and titanium have also become popular. These metals are considered as masculine materials, and are all very durable, even for a ring that needs o be worn every day.

The design

Once you choose your preferred metal, the next comes choosing the design.  Men’s rings generally range between 2mm and 8mm in width, depending upon the groom’s choice, preference, and personality. While the design you choose should be simple, you can choose from a variety of ring profiles like slight court, flat court, D shape, traditional court, flat court flat edge, court flat edge, and slight court flat edge.


Once you decide upon the width and ring profile, you can decide upon whether or not you want diamonds in your ring. While a woman loves diamonds and can fill up her ring with this precious stone, a man may or may not want to. Uninterested men may opt for simple metal bands or engraved bands. But, if you want diamonds set in, you can do so too. You may walk into the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, one like Aura Jewels, and have the best quality diamonds set into your ring. Choose from a single big diamond in the center, or a series of diamonds, and let the designers know to have your choicest ring made especially for you.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the ring suits your personality, style, and choice. After all, this is one thing that you are going to put on for the rest of your life!

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