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Everything That You Should Know About Flooring

November 11, 2019 by John paulker  

As the name implies, hardwood is one of the durable and tough flooring materials available in the market. It can be highly customized as per the preference of the individual. Engineered wooden materials are another viable alternative for flooring but they cannot be customized as per the user need. Solid wood flooring as well as Composite Decking Adelaide is really hard to maintain.




Usually, you should know that solid wood flooring is known as Hardwood Flooring Adelaide. Choosing the best hardwood for the flooring is also tricky decision. Hardwood is available in various size and shapes. Hardwoods can be further classified into many other types based on the type of installation and type of material used in the flooring. Hardwood is usually available in two formats. One is the prefinished or standard factory version and another is unfinished hardwood. Later type is re-sanded in the customer’s premise and colour and design of this type can be customized while the prefinished is ready made floor boards made in the factory. Nothing can be modified in the standard factory version.  Before discussing about the general properties, let us discuss about the common hardwood materials in the following passage.


Common materials used in hardwood flooring

The most common material used in the hardwood flooring is Oak, but to improve your home’s beauty you can even choose Engineered Timber Flooring Adelaide. It is known for its minimalistic look and it matches with almost any colour and shape of the room. Other materials such as maple, walnut and cherry are used in luxury environment. Pine was used to be the most common hardwood flooring material in the past but they are now treated as old fashioned material.


One of the recent sensations in hardwood flooring is the emergence of bamboo flooring. Bamboo is known to grow faster than any other common wooden materials. Hence, bamboo flooring is cost effective and eco-friendly, but apart from this you can’t deny the importance of Floating Floors Adelaide.


Pros of hardwood flooring

  • Hardwood Flooring Adelaide provides mesmerizing look to the home, as the hardwood are available in diverse colours and shapes
  • Hardwood flooring has really long lifetime. Hence, it is worthy investment for the long period.
  • Easy maintenance is enough to maintain the originality of the hardwood for the long time.
  • Hardwood can be re-sanded for any number of times. Hence, the scratches in the hardwood can be fixed easily.
  • Hardwood can be easily reconfigured to feature a look at little extra amount.

Cons of hardwood flooring

  • Hardwood Flooring Underlay Adelaide are highly slippery and hence caution is needed while walking through the floor.
  • Hardwood floors are really costly investment that everyone cannot afford. There are many flooring alternatives available for low cost.
  • Good quality and highly effective floors will become colder during the winter season. Some of the hardwood may become extremely cold in winter season.

Moving materials through floors will produce huge noise.