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How Do You Organize Your Bathroom?

November 11, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Your bathroom is considered as one of the busiest rooms in home. This room gets lots of clutter from everyone in your family. When you’ve got many cleaning products everywhere, how you can find what exactly you need? Here are a few organization tips to get everything inside your bathroom in its place:

Organize your cupboards –

Cupboards work as the magnet for clutter. If you trawl through containers and bottles to find what you need every morning, it could time to re-organize your storage space. The organization can be as simple as moving things that you use the most often towards the front.

But you may get benefited from using baskets and containers to keep items inside. You should categorize every container and label them to know what’s inside.

So, you can have a basket for shampoo and another one for deodorants or one container for every member of your family. Find the process that works best for how you use your bathroom and stick to it.

Organize your drawers properly –

You can clean up the drawers by using a drawer divider or some simple shallow containers and baskets. This will help you keep all your small items like nail clippers and tweezers separately from the bigger items like hairbrushes and toothpaste tubes. This means, all of them won’t get lost under the large toiletries.

Make the most out of awkward spaces –

Some bathrooms can have some awkward angles, especially in small rooms where space is premium. You should never let these areas go to waste as you can utilize them for storage purposes.

In fact, you can consider some corner shelves or add shelves over toilet to store additional toilet rolls and towels for easy reach. You can use furniture for dual purposes by hanging towel rails to the backside of the cupboards and doors.

Find innovative storage facilities –

Sometimes, you may find that storage can give an additional touch of personality and style to your bath space. Try to get creative and beautiful storage facilities like a colorful decorative tray or bowl to store small accessories. Otherwise, they would spread around the sink area.

You can make the use of bowls to keep jewelry pieces before cleaning or taking shower so that they won’t get lost in your bathroom clutter. Some other innovative storage options include storing cotton wool in decorative jars present on the countertops or the next to the sink.

If you are looking for an alternative to plain shelving, you can store the towels in a stylish wine rack or keep smaller toiletries and bottles like perfume in a spice rack. When you de-clutter your bathroom, it can do more to brighten up the space and help you clear your mind. You should follow these easy tips and your bathroom can be free of clutters within no time.

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