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Here are the tips to remove ink stains from fabrics easily:

November 12, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

In this case, the first reaction will be essential when trying to remove the stain. Generally, the first impulse is to rub the stained area, but this procedure is not correct according to the specialists.

Do not rub the surface:

They advise how to remove ink stains when the fabrics are affected, first the type of the same is taken into account. Because depending on this, the product to be used is going to be determined. If they are chemical or if they are natural, if you have to soak a cloth or if it is only going to get wet.

But what should not be done is to rub the area filled with ink with any type of liquid, whether natural or chemical. This would only make the ink spread on the surface, making removal more difficult. Follow these methods suggested by Best Laundry Service NYC:

Clothes with ink stains:

There are several factors to consider in this case, first knowing what kind of ink fell on the clothes. Then establish, as already stated the type of fabric, to evaluate what method of removal is going to be used.

Things you should avoid when performing these processes:

In Best Laundry Service NYC, we specialize in solving these types of problems. As experts we inform you that you should avoid at all costs two things:

Avoid using hot water:

On the one hand the hot water. Under no circumstances should you use hot water in the process of how to remove ink stains. This would only cause the stain to expand.

Take care of the chemicals to be used:

The other factor has to do with the use of aggressive chemicals in delicate fabrics. Well, these products would end up damaging the clothes because they would lose color and texture. The success of how to remove ink stains depends largely on applying these simple and practical tips.

Of course, not everyone has the time, materials and experience to do this job. So if you do not know how to remove ink stains, do not hesitate for a moment and call Best Laundry Service NYC, we are one of the cleaning professionals.

We have years of experience in this field and also we know how to do it without damaging your clothes.