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What are the advantages of Bamboo Pallets?

November 12, 2019 by Glain max  


Among the traditional Bambus Fassadenelemente, we will find bamboo flooring, which is the most ecological option we have in the market since bamboo is a shrub and not a tree, but it offers us this fast growth.

Why choose bamboo pallets?

Bamboo is a platform based on slats that are obtained from the trunk of the bamboo and glued horizontally or vertically. In the case of density, the slats are compacted at very high pressure, obtaining a different grain.

The bamboo is a 100% ecological and 100% sustainable material:

To choose Massivholzbalken is to choose respect for the environment, it is to dress your home most naturally. Bamboo pallets are already varnished or oiled from the factory, we also find them in floating flooring. Bamboo flooring is a booming material thanks to its warmth and beauty.
This type of coatings is usually used in high traffic areas, especially it is applied in offices and shops. Although homes are increasingly booming since it is a very noble material and its hardness is similar to that offered by the oak floors.

These floors come in many colors, among them natural and charred. Each of them has its properties and gives a special effect to the place to decorate. Massivholzbalken pieces also come in different sizes, wider or narrower, and in different thicknesses.

Advantages of bamboo pallets:

Among its advantages, at crownbamboo.com, we will find its delicate natural and bright color that does not change with the sun, is non-slip, antistatic, and an excellent thermal, water-repellent and acoustic insulator. 

On the other hand, Bambus Arbeitsplatten is very easy and quick to install, in addition to the fact that once the wood has been treated, they do not need more care and are easy to maintain.

Like all wooden floors, they allow a rustic finish, which is still sober and in turn gives us a very particular style in the decoration of our environments.

It helps with temperature self-regulation, in winter it is warm and in summer it is cool. The Bambusfurnier is soothing, its colors and designs relax the vision and generate pleasant sensations. Also, this floor absorbs the sounds.

It is also said that this soil is anti-allergic, which is a very important advantage over wood floors, which usually collects a lot of dust. Therefore, this type of floor is often used in places of relaxation such as spa and meditation centers.

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