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How to remove different types of stains with different methods?

November 12, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

If you are looking for a quick guide to remove stains, the following tips by Laundry service will be helpful.

Throughout life we ​​will have heard our parents, couples, friends, family, and others, expose their problems on how to remove some impurities and imperfections of clothing that are presented in their clothing, and we wanted to make a list of some spots that they are well known and consulted on the internet, looking for some alternative solution.

In the following, the Laundry service expert has prepared the best guide.

How to eliminate tomato sauce?

In some countries it is known as ketchup, if we have this problem you just have to let the garment soak in detergent and cold water for 45 minutes. After them, a normal voucher, you can use methyl alcohol and rub it with a brush.

How to remove ink stains from the pen?

It should be noted that these impurities in the garments are the most difficult to remove, for this we must leave the clothes soaking with liquid detergent, and brush the area.

How to remove grease stains?

Let soak the garment with detergent for 30 minutes, it is recommended to use a stain remover, hand wash rub until removing impurities.

How to remove chewing gum?

If we have this problem, you just have to take the garment and introduce it to the freezer until the chewing gum becomes completely hard and we can remove it with tweezers, some residues can be removed with turpentine or methyl alcohol.

How to remove mud stains?

In these cases, we must let our clothes soak under powder detergent or liquid in hot water after 30 minutes proceed to do a simple wash if there was a need to use some type of brush.

How to remove plant stains?

We must use bleach without chlorine components and detergent powder while we soak for a few minutes, it is recommended to do this process with warm water so that the organic substances can be released.

How to remove tablecloth stains?

Many times time and humidity are the cause of these problems. The first thing to do is leave the tablecloth soaking for 2 hours in a tub with 3 tablespoons of chlorine, which can also be supplied perborate (2 tablespoons per half a liter of water).

If you are still not able to remove certain stains, the best and easy option is to use Laundry service.