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Perfect Embroidery Gift Ideas for your Crafty Friends

November 12, 2019 by Yhtack in Stitches  

Are you looking for the perfect embroidery gift for your crafty friends? Nowadays, embroidered accessories make great gifts, especially when those items are handcrafted. They often carry a more personal touch, even if you purchase a handmade item that someone else created.


Here are some embroidery gift ideas to surprise your near and dear ones which your embroidery loving friends will surely appreciate.


Stitchable Cuff Bracelet

It is important to choose a gift that will make your friends gleeful. Stitchable Cuff Bracelet could be a great choice. These bracelets can be crafted in several colors with captivating patterns. This handcrafted bracelet will not only make your friend happy but also upgrade their style.


Embroidered Button Earrings

There are a plethora of embroidered gifts to choose from! Gifting embroidered button earrings can make you stand out from others.


The idea is to add embroidered embellishments to printed fabric, make covered buttons and then turn them into earrings. If you’re crafty, you’ll find other ways to make the button earrings appealing.


Hand Stitched Necklaces

If you’re looking for classic in handcrafted jewelry, then embroidered necklaces can be your utmost choice. They can come in varying styles, and it will catch your eye. Necklaces play an important role in the looks of a woman.


Embroidered Collar Pins

Never be boring when it comes to giving someone a present. Go for something unique. For instance, think about collar pins. These are always charming, and when handcrafted with several patterns, it upgrades the look. Collar pins can be embroidered in several ways. So, have them on your gifting list!


Handcrafted Tote Bag

Tote bags are fashionable and functional. These bags are durable yet stylish, and the various storage pieces are perfect for holding essentials. Tote bags are always a must-have item for adding spice to outfits. When a tote bag is handcrafted with several designs, it becomes enchanting. So you can never go wrong with handcrafted tote bags!


Embroidered Jackets

 Jackets can be worn in any season and on any occasion. Be it a corporate occasion or a sports event. Again, as office wear, school uniform or as an enhancer of your fashion quotient – jackets never let you down. Embroidered jackets are everyone’s favorite because of the patterns on the jacket. Above all, handcrafting makes the jacket delightful.


Embroidered Blankets

Who doesn’t love to sleep under a blanket when the environment outside is cozy. When the temperature takes a dip, sipping tea/coffee with your preferred company would always remain incomplete without comfortable blankets. Personalized gifts are always preferred than gifts bought straight out of a showroom. If you can grasp some embroidery techniques, you can add beautiful personal touches to your gift blankets.


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