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What is the Parquet Industrial? Properties and Placement Tips

November 12, 2019 by Glain max  


Parkett bambus is a type of wooden floor that became popular because of its great strength and durability. 

We can define the industrial park as one composed of slats that are placed on edge and stick to the hearth. Massivholzplatten kaufen is a type of wood floor very resistant and high durability. Hence, it will be installed in traffic areas and high loads as is the case of industries.

Industrial parquet:

However, its use is not limited to this area, much less. They are common in sports facilities (basketball courts, handball, etc.), fairgrounds, ballrooms, hotels, etc. Over time he also leaped the domestic sphere, where opinions tend to be very favorable thanks to his dynamic and modern air.

Characteristics of industrial wood floors:

Great durability and resistance: Thanks to the method of placing a very resistant surface is achieved and above all very stable. Hence, it usually presents much fewer problems than other types of günstig kaufen.

Unique designs and many customization possibilities: Although the possibilities in terms of placement patterns are limited, being able to play with the lengths of the rods and especially with the color of the wood species allows achieving differentiated designs.

Sustainable, biodegradable and recycled material: Wood is a natural and recyclable material. But it is also that in this case, when using wood that largely comes from the remains of other works, we find an even more environmentally friendly soil. 

Nowadays this use is not so extensive since it is usual that mechanized parts are used for this particular use.

Wood naturally has insulating properties both thermally and acoustically: These last characteristics are maintained since the installation is done by gluing the boards to the floor instead of doing it on battens.

The price of Woven Parkett is very competitive, above a laminate floor, but below a traditional solid wood flooring. The exception to this rule is the cost of installation since it requires specialized labor. Due to its strength and durability, it is one of the wooden floors that offer a better quality/price ratio.

Industrial platform installation:

The industrieparkett is placed glued or glued to the floor. The process can be relatively complex hence it is recommended that the installation be carried out by qualified professionals.

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