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Pros and Cons of Independent Therapists in Lancashire

November 12, 2019 by Medifirst-12  

Many doctors or health practitioner practice their profession independently. Let’s consider therapist today. The independent therapists in Lancashire can become self-employed if they start working full time. They don’t employ to anyone. However, there is a misconception after taking this practice of independent therapists. Today it’s better to give clear picture of both the sides in order to clear thoughts and minds of the people. Advantages 1. Flexibility – this aspect is most significant, you have a flexible hours. It’s your choice to how many hours you have to work in a day. You may find many independent therapists work just a day in a week, along with full-time employment in NHS. Normally a woman has to look after children and home have an ease of routine. 2. Ability to say no – you may argue with client if you don’t feel you have mandatory experience to assist them. If you work in NHS, it can be difficult to say NO to any patient. You are in short, free to speak on the basis of facts and truth. Moreover, you will not also take cash from your patient in which you don’t hold expertise or skills. You can recommend to anybody else. 3. Control over caseload – you can control the caseload. If you are working in an NHS, you may work there for years alone without any assistance. In this case, few weeks become so hectic and few are just so boring. It becomes stressful and you don’t have time after leaving clinic to do anything. Disadvantages 1. Not being paid a regular salary – it causes difficulty, as you are not 100 percent sure about the amount you get each month. It depends on your clientele and workload. You still have to strive to find a client. The work is not guaranteed. Most of the month go useless without having any work. 2. Everything is down to you – everything is supposed to be done by yourself. If you are not working in NHA, you need to deal with all the administrative and financial issues too. All the letters and everything has to be taken care off by you. However, you realize it after some time the work has become too much apart from therapy. This does happen when you start working for your own business. 3. Working alone – you may not have anyone to assist in any case unless you hire on your own payroll which can be expensive. The helpers that may be available in NHS will not be here for therapists. From training courses to all the cases and issues. All have to be dealt by independent therapists.