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The best cleaning tricks on how to remove stains on clothing?

November 12, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

You have a special event, you are going to wear your favorite shirt and suddenly you realize that it has a stain that you had not seen before. Do you want to know how to remove stains on clothes quickly and effectively? In Laundry service, we give you some tricks to leave your clothes impeccable without having to go through professional washing machines.

How to remove stains on clothes?

Light-colored garments are the ones that bring more headaches when they get dirty. How to remove stains on white clothes? Simply have baking soda or a little white vinegar on hand and rub until the bulb disappears. It is necessary to put the garment in hot water so that the stain can come out better.

If we still cannot leave the garment clean we must use the washing machine to finish the job. And for this, nothing is better than a device committed to the environment such as a front-loading washing machine that thanks to its eco washing machine program allows you to reduce energy consumption by half.

In addition to white vinegar and bicarbonate, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide or salt are other remedies if what we are looking for is how to remove stains on rust clothing, just apply some of them and rub with the help of a cloth or a toothbrush on the lamp. Afterward, it should be left on for half an hour and rinsed with cold water. If the stain is recent you can apply any of the ingredients and let the garment dry in the sun.

If the day we get stained is cloudy, there is no need to worry because we can always use a dryer so that our garment is perfect. The Siemens condensing dryer promises to have our shirts ready in 15 minutes. Also, it has a program to save us some iron or an express one in case we don't have much time.

How to remove stains on colored clothes?

In colored clothing, as suggested by Laundry service experts, you have to pay attention to the type of stain we have and also to the fabric of the garment, because using the inappropriate product could spoil it.

Thus, if for example we have stained coffee, the ideal is to use the yolk of an egg diluted in a little water and apply on the stain. If it is the case that we have stained with oil or grease we can use talcum powder since its astringent power will make the stain disappear in a matter of minutes.