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How to remove ink stains: Grand mother’s trick:

November 12, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

The main advice is to act as soon as possible. The ink has certain pigments that penetrate very quickly in our garments and that usually has a quick drying. So a quick reaction can be key to saving our garment.

First of all, we should know what type of ink the pen or pen that had broken. There are washable inks, they are usually made for school supplies and especially for use by young children and have a water base that is easy to wash and dispose of.

The ink of ordinary pens is a little more complicated to eliminate, but not impossible, it is the most common and with the advice that we are going to provide you can achieve excellent results.

Finally, there is permanent or indelible ink, as its name indicates is permanent, which means that although we fight with it, it is best to throw our shirt unless we want to take advantage of it for a costume.

Our kitchen is full of natural products that we could perfectly call "stain remover." To remove ink stains from clothing the most suitable is milk.

We heat a little milk in a glass and when it is warm we pour it on top of our stain, soaking it for a few minutes. Then we lightly rinse the excess milk and put the garment in the washing machine to wash it normally.

Remove ink stains with milk:

If the stain resists we can use a toothbrush to rub gently trying not to spread it too much.

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How to remove ink stains: key points:

We are going to make a small review of the key points that we have mentioned in this article to eliminate ink stains:

- Act against the stain as soon as possible

- Don't scrub the stain, it will get bigger

- Leave the stain remover for 10 minutes

- Never use the dryer if you have not been able to remove the stain completely, as it could settle permanently.

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