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A Perfect Guide on how you can find the Lost Super

November 12, 2019 by yourlostsuper  

Now a day, there are various people who might have lost contact with super accounts however quite surprisingly, they are usually not even aware about it. What happens is the fact that most of the people move to some other house, change the addresses, change the names and also their jobs, but at the same they are unable to notify this to the fund authorities. At the same time, your employer might also not have been paying the superannuation contributions or the contribution might just get lost in system and this is when you need to Find Lost Super ATO.



On the other hand, there is great news. You may now track the Lost Superannuation Australia and at the same time you can also keep a check or track contributions and yet they can claim for lost superannuation. As the employer is a main or the key contributor in most of the cases, you may also wish to start the search from there. At any time when you feel that there is kind of the trouble, possibly the initial step is about contacting the human resource department and check them about superannuation as this will help you to Find Lost Superannuation. However, this is certainly good to understand beforehand when you actually qualify for contributions, prior that you start calling the name of employer. The following are just a few ways that are mainly used to assist the people to search their Lost Super Search Online:

- Super Seeker - It is mainly the online search tool which is provided by ATO or Australian Taxation Office as this will help you to Find My Super ATO to assist the people process the complete search of the lost contributions of superannuation. The tool will also be able to search ATO's registers for the unclaimed and the lost super. All which is required is the name, tax file number as well as the date of birth for search to become successful. A great thing with such kind of the tool is that it is absolutely free and you will be able to use service over the phone call. There are various different professionals there who are even willing to assist you in process and you may also wish to involve for best as well as quick results.


- Rollover funds - Generally, when super gets lost, it gets transferred to the holding fund, which is known commonly as eligible rollover fund. Moreover, there are about 16 rollover funds and also because in few of the cases SuperSeeker tool may also not search the lost super, you may even be forced to look for each one of most eligible rollover funds. It is where the reputable company that comes to help to in search. Moreover, company will contact every one of them, and quite surprisingly, you may also search that the money is in any of the funds under the name or also the old address. The great thing here with the way of search that is great particularly for searches which mainly involve the super which get lost prior that it was the legal requirement to list the tax file number with the super payments.