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Flutter is the perfect platform for mobile app development

November 13, 2019 by irma may  

Flutter is a young but very promising platform that has already caught the attention of the big companies that have launched their apps.
Flutter is an open source SDK to create mobile apps from Google. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, and it is still the only way to develop applications under Google Interesting this platform is its simplicity comparable to the development of web applications, and speed on par with native Applications.
The high performance of the application and the speed of development is achieved by several techniques. 
1. Flutter does not use JavaScript in any way 
2. Flutter does not use native components
3. A declarative approach is used to build a UI in Flutter.
Flutter allows you to compile a project that has been created for 3 operating systems:
The advantage and simplicity of Flutter has already been appreciated by a number of companies that have launched their projects with its use.

With the help of Flutter, Light It has already created a number of mobile applications with interactive media support https://light-it.net/blog/10-noteworthy-apps-built-with-flutter/. These apps use business analytics elements, 2D games, Markenline apps and more.