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Free Download V191 CAN CLIP Software for Renault

November 14, 2019 by obd365  

(11/14/2019) Renault CAN CLIP reprogramming software is updated to version 191. Attach all details here:
  1. Download: free & tested versions
  2. CLIP 191 – What’s New?
  3. Windows 7 install (text explanation + video)
  4. Test report: Megane II
in detail…
Part 1: Renault CAN CLIP 191 Download
Free CLIP 191:
Size: 2.70GB
Password: Not required
Renault Can Clip Registration file:
Source: MHH forum
Security: Unknown
Tested 10% working CLIP 191:
Security: 100% tested, use with relief
Confirmed to work with CAN CLIP interface like SP19-A (best quality), SP19-B (good quality), SP19-D(cheapest)
Part 2:  CANCLIP 191 for Renault – New Features:
New vehicles covered: MEGANE IV ph2 and CAPTUR II CN
Part 3: Renault CANCLIP 191 Installation:
0ld RLT2002 can work ONLY on win x86 (32 bit version) !!
  1. Run “Crack Renault CLIP.reg” from “A Patch file”.
  2. Mount iso file from “c1ip191″ and install can Clip.
  3. After installation finish DO NOT run your CLiP!
Open “A_ Patch file”
1st rep1ace the original Rswin.exe file (backup 1st your original file!!!) with the cracked .exe file in C:CLIP. x91L ibApplication
  1. NOW from the SANE location as you are (C: CLIP -X91)LibApplication) run the Rswin. exe. choose “Register me now” and in the next window select “NO”!
  2. Use this Key for registration: 333DEF -111DEF -111DEF-222DEF -221DEF -00DEF It will work till 131/ 12/ 2020
  3. NOW as you are, RESTORE your original RSwin. exe, and REMOVE the patched one ! (Just keep a backup from the patched file somewhere…)
  4. From your Desktop anymore, run your CLiP, accept the Terms and CLiP it will load.
You Done! 
  1. For working with RLT2002 copy files from “03. RLT 2002 patch files” to folder C:CLIPConfig.
  2. If you miss drivers for RLT2002 they are in “ 04.RLT2002 drivers.”
Part 4: CAN CLIP 191 Test by Pros:
Have tested on Renault Megane II… Diagnosis and reprogramming without issues.






Credits to engineers working for obdii365.com