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Rechargeable Small In Ear Hearing Aids

November 14, 2019 by Cindy  



Items NO

JH-905 rechargeable hearing aid

Max Sound Output


Sound Gain


Total Harmonic Wave Distortion


Frequency Range


Input Noise

<= 30dB





Battery size

rechargeable battery




Product Feature

1.Easy operation: A key switch, a key to adjust the volume, the user can according to need to adjust the volume size,watch it and you understand;

2.Low frequency noise control: Form suitable for the frequency response of slope type hearing loss output, a wide range of accuracy and effective sound control, able to go outside all kinds of noise;

3.Convenient to carry: Small hearing aid, convenient to carry, go out communication and travel;

4.MPO maximum output control: Effectively adjust the amplification input voice loudly, can choose frequency output limit, corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly adjust the maximum output;

5.Rechargeable: After power can be charging, filled with very durable, convenient out of town.

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