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Digital BTE Air Conduction Hearing Aid With Sound Amplifier For Deaf

November 14, 2019 by Cindy  





   Beige/Optional colors

  Max Sound Output


  Sound Gain


  Frequency Range


  Input Noise



    Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery


    USB Port Charger, charging current≤4.5mA (Adaptor available)




    CE,ISO13485,ISO9001,Medical CE,Rohs,FDA


• Ergonomics design small BTE model. This hearing amplifier is designed by a professional audiologist using advanced mini-microprocessor technology, effectively reduce noise and help users hear the sound with maximum clarity.seat tight behind the ear

• Potentiometer adjust volume, large frequency range

• Good output performance with large sound gain

• Rechargeable hearing aid, eco friendly; Low power consumption, long working hours

The mode JH-D12 is a Invisible behind the ear BTE Ric hearing aids over right ear or left ear for hearing loss improve sound amplifier.

As the hearing loss people probably want to wear the hearing aids for many hours throughout the day. Having this in mind,the earsmate best ric hearing aids JH-D12 Ric have made sure that the ear plugs of the Ric hearing aids devices are super soft, lightweight and comfortable.The new best ric hearing aids are your best choice for improving hearing loss and enjoy the life again.An open fit design provides a comfortable listening experience and slim sound tubes to conduct sound. Open domes give better performance and keep the ear canal open allowing more natural sounds in.


HUIZHOU JINGHAO MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.focuses on the development of high-precision technology that based on the hearing aid industry.In the past 10 years,with hearing aids as a masterstroke, Jinghao Medical has rapidly developed into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise that integrating research and development, production and sales.Quality is the fundamental guarantee of value and brand.Quality is the fundamental guarantee of value and brand.JINGHAO,always adhere to this concept, practice and move ahead.With the standard of quality, we are creating a quality culture and craftsmanship among all JINGHAO persons.


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