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How to maintain cassava flour making machine?

November 15, 2019 by cassava processing machine  


As we all know, many current cost-effective cassava flour making machine is based on the European modern processing technology and combined with the development of cassava processing industry. Nowadays, with the continuous innovation and breakthrough, China's cassava flour making machine has gradually become more mature technology. So how should we do to maintain cassava flour making machine?

Here are the introduction of how to maintain cassava flour making machine

Maintenance 1: Regular inspection and maintenance

In the process of putting the cassava flour processing machine into use, the technician must know the importance of the inspection and maintenance on a regular basis. Every time you start and complete the task, you must first check it. If the spindle is strucked in the process of working, stop immediately and deal with it. When it is found that the equipment parts are damaged, replace the bearing of the same type in time. If the cleaning machine is adjusted when the overload condition occurs, be sure to prevent hard objects from entering the machine to avoid damage to the machine.

equipment check (2)

Check equipment

Maintenance 2: Control the amount of water

Strict control of clean water consumption is a process that cannot be ignored in cassava processing plant. Because the amount of clean water will affect the yield and quality of flour, we must know how to distribute the weight of flour and water evenly when processing. During normal work, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of cassava flour making machine so that the fault can be found in time, and the water in the water tank of the washing machine should be replaced on time according to the situation.

Maintenance 3: Keep the whole machine clean

Due to cost of cassava flour processing machine is expensive, so after each work, the operator should carefully clean the cassava flour making machine, especially for some screens and other parts, so as to avoid the clogging of the screen holes or reduce the screening efficiency, thus affecting the quality of the products.

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Keep equipment clean

The above is the maintenance that should be paid attention to during the use of the high-quality cassava flour making machine. Then, when purchasing machinery and equipment, you must know how to choose. Doing Company is a professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, welcome to contact us for cassava flour making machine.


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