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Adaptive Feedback Canceler 4 Program Sound Amplifier Ear Aid Digital Hearing Aids

November 15, 2019 by Cindy  


Output. OSPL90 Max: ≤120+3dB

HFA Gain: 30dB

FOG50 HFA Avg. Gain: 30±5dB

EQ Input Noise: ≤29+3dB

Frequency Range: 300Hz-5000Hz

Working Current: ≤2mA

Rated Volatage: D.C 1.45V 


1. WDRC & AFC Digital Hearing Aid: AFC: The use of an adaptive feedback canceler (AFC) for howling suppression in hearing aids .  WDRC: Wide dynamic range compression, the amplification system ever to compensate for the loudness sensitivity.

2. Button Volume Control & Volume Memory: Easy to control volume and the machine will remember the sound level when next time turn on.

3. 4 Program for Different Environment:  

Normal Program: For the quiet environment, such as: Home, Office;

Conference Program: For the very quiet environment, such as: Meeting;

Noise Reduction Program: For very noise environment, such as: Bar, Noise production line; Outdoor Program: For the outdoor, environment, Such as: Road, Supermarket.

4. Open Fit Air Conduction:  Reduce noise, the user will get a clear volume

5. Invisible & Handiness: Small size and invisible on the ear, Light weight, user even can't feel it when wearing


6. Replaceable Ear Tube: Accessory 2 sides ear tube for it, which tube will be used depends on user which ear has hearing loss.


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