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Digital medical product Hearing Aid Sound amplifier with CE,FDA Approved

November 15, 2019 by Cindy  


Ultra-long Standby Time 500hrs-The machine can work continuously for 500 hours in the case of maximum power consumption

Trimmer Windows,NH Control,MPO Control-NH control, reduce the noise in low frequency. 

Control the max power output, which is adjustable for different hearing loss people

High Gain& High Power-Suitable for profound hearing loss. Deaf people regain the sound.

Rotated Volume Control-intense sense of touch makes strong sense of operation

3 Program for Different Environment-

Standard Program: For the quiet environment, such as: Home, Office;

Noise Reduction Program: For very noise environment, such as: Bar, Noiseproduction line

Telecoil Program: when the hearing aid was set to telecoil, the microphone on the hearing aid for the general environment would turn off and the individual could only hear the phone.

Multifunction Compartment-Makes operation easier

WDRC & AFC Function-Sounds more softly and comfortably

Air Conduction &Universal for Left and Right Ears-High sound quality hearing aid can apply to both of ear, fitting with adjustable ear tubes

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