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What Diamond/Gemstone Suits Your Star Sign - Aura Jewels

November 15, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

If you are one who believes in Star Signs and relate everything you do and all your activities with these signs, along with the fact that you love wearing diamonds/gemstones, then there’s good news for you! You can now buy diamonds and gemstones that suit your Star Sign. Let’s learn what kind of diamonds can suit your Star Sign.





Aries is the element of fire, which means a sign of energy, courage, and passion. People who are of the Aries sign possess the qualities of leadership. Diamonds are believed to be their main birthstone, symbolizing love and strength in relationship. As an Aries, you can choose a three-stone diamond ring, which represents the Ram symbol for Aries.


Taurus is the element of Earth, representing reliability, devotion, patience, and responsibility. Taurians are ruled by Venus, and are grounded and stable. Their main birthstone is Emerald, which is considered to be the insight of good fortune and youth. You may choose an Emerald – a brilliant round emerald ring.


Gemini persons are intelligent and charming, adventurous and super talkative. They are ruled by Mercury, with their element being Air, representing the fact that they are outgoing and adaptable. Their birthstone is Pearl, signifying purity and modesty. With all these qualities, an emerald cut diamond, with a design set in pearls, proves to be the perfect choice.


Cancerians are ruled by the Moon, and their element is Water, symbolizing qualities of loyalty and empathy, making them emotional at heart. Their birthstone is Ruby, which provides strength and attracts good luck. A round brilliant Ruby ring is what will suit your personality.


Leo is a cheerful and energetic Star Sign, with the element of Fire, making them passionate and fierce. However, with the Sun being their ruler, they also become generous and protective over the people they love. With the Peridot symbolizing prosperity, peace, and success, a pear cut Peridot surrounded by brilliant round diamonds is what will work for you.


Virgo is a very down-to-earth practical Star Sign, with the element being Earth, making them a person of responsibility, a perfectionist. They are ruled by Mercury, and their birth stone is Blue Sapphire, which is known to protect from envy and harm. A Princess cut Blue Sapphire ring is the perfect choice for a Virgo.


Libra is the sign of graciousness, and fair-mindedness. Libras always seek balance and beauty in everything they do; and have a good sense of justice. Their element is Air, and they are ruled by Venus; their birthstone being Opal, symbolizing hope, purity, and honesty. An Asscher Rosa is the perfect ring choice for a Libra.


Scorpio is a mysterious Star Sign, ruled by Pluto and the Moon, with their element being Water, making Scorpions fascinating and passionate. Their birthstone is Topaz, which radiates joy and protects them from evil thoughts. A pear cut Topaz set in white gold is perfect for a Scorpion.


Sagittarians are creative people who tend to be happy and adventurous both. They are ruled by Jupiter, with their element being Fire, making them a person full of wisdom and beauty, one who can brighten up everyone else’s day. A round brilliant solitaire will suit a Sagittarian’s personality the best.


Capricornians are people full of the best characteristics like being ambitious, caring, reliable, and open-hearted, because they are ruled by Saturn, and their element is Earth – both positive planets. They are practical and realistic people, and their birthstone is the Garnet, symbolizing grace, sincerity, and fidelity. A marquise cut Garnet ring is the ideal ring for Capricorn females, while males can opt for a simple round Garnet ring set in gold.


Aquarius is a positive and forward looking Star Sign, ruled by Uranus, with their element being Air. Aquarians are thus generous, dedicated, and communicative. Their birthstone is Amethyst, symbolizing peace, passion, and protection. A princess cut Amethyst is thus what an Aquarian should wear.


Pisces is a compassionate Star Sign, ruled by Neptune. With their element being Water, Pisceans are energetic and charming. Their birthstone is Aquamarine, which is a symbol of honesty, affection, and beauty. A heart shaped or round shaped Aquamarine stone is what will make the perfect choice for you.

At Aura Jewels, you can get every diamond and gemstone that we have spoken of above. And, whatever you choose, you can rest assured to get only the purest and most genuine stones. You can also have every design mentioned above customized as per your choice and Star Sign. So, whatever it is, for any and every kind of stone, Aura Jewels is the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore for you to shop from.


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