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5 Top tips for doing laundry in the right way:

November 16, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Here in the following article, Best Laundry Service NYC will give you some of the best tips for doing laundry in the right way. 

1. Divide and conquer:

Before starting to put the pants and shirts in the washing machine and press the first program that goes through your head, separate the colored clothes from the white one if you do not want to find all the pink socks.

If you want your laundry to be the most of the most, Best Laundry Service NYC recommended that you separate your clothes into these large groups:

- White clothes

- Light-colored clothes

- Clothes of strong colors or black

- Delicate fabrics

You can use different clothes cubes to separate your clothes.

2. In search of the lost treasure:

Be careful to put garments with pockets in the washing machine: they can contain lost treasures.

And by treasures we mean: coins, keys, chewing gum, bills, etc. If you do not want to break your washing machine or lose money, check all the pockets before putting the clothes in the washing machines.

Another tip: if the clothes have a zipper or large buttons, put them in the washer inside out, so they don't get caught.

3. Read, read and read:

Before putting the clothes in the washing machine, read the instructions that appear on the garment labels.

They indicate at what temperature you have to wash your clothes and in what washing program. We assure you that these two minutes of reading will save more than one shirt.

4. Clothes with stains?

Were you going to put a garment that has a stain in the washing machine? Then, first of all, you have to "pretreat" this stain, using some anti-stain product or some homemade solutions that help you eliminate them.

Remember: it is always preferable to remove a stain before it dries and penetrates too much into the tissue.

5. Don't overdo the detergent:

Let's be clear: use the right amount of detergent. No more and no less. It will vary according to the load, the number of clothes you are going to wash and the hardness of the water which, if you don't know it, is different in each geographical place.

In detergent packages, you will see that there are very useful indications. Remember again: more detergent is not synonymous with cleaner clothes.